Sunday, February 1, 2009

2nd week of hospitalization

This is the 2nd week of momma being in hospital...

Spent all weekend at the hospital, day and night. Momma has been sedated but still coherent to what someone asks. She is getting angry that she isn't able to speak or take the tube out. She would roll her eyes whenever me and Daniela couldn't figure out what she was trying to tell us. She would move her hands, like she wants to write something. I gave her a pen and held a clipboard for her to write something, she wasn't able to write. We'd guess at things, and she'd get frustrated and angry. We did figure one thing out with her hand signal, she wanted to drink some water, but we told her that she couldn't drink at the moment with the tube in her throat. Then another day, Daniela asked if her head was itchy, and momma nodded yes.. so that was some progress on guessing what she wanted.

The Dr said that he has caught her twice, trying to remove the tube from her mouth. So she has had her arms strapped down next to her, to be on the safe side.

On Wednesday, January 28, 2009.. I was able to spend one more birthday with my momma. All of us were in the waiting room, and Belinda (sister) comes in and tells me and Daniela (sister) that Margaret (our favorite nurse) wanted to talk with us before her shift ended at 7pm. Belinda and Daniela went to my mom's room and I went in afterwards (RR first). As soon as I walked in both Daniela and Belinda started singing Happy Birthday...Belinda was next to my mom's head with a cake and I held my mom's hand and she was squeezing so hard, I knew that she was hearing them singing and she had tears in her eyes and of course I was crying as well.

On Thursday, January 29, day after my wonderful birthday, on my way to work and RAMMMMM .. I get rearended on the freeway!! I have no idea where this car came from, and have no idea where he thought he was going, because traffic wasn't moving.. so why he was rushing.. I'm clueless!!

This is how the car ended up.. he just rammed up all under my rear bumper, causing damage to my gas tank, shock, floor panel, and bumper.. and because it was a chain reaction, I rammed into the car in front of me and broke his reflector on his rear bumper.. but damaged my front headlight and grill protector.. I called 911 and all three of us were waiting for the police, meanwhile, we exchanged insurance information... police got there and asked for our insurance/driver's licenses... then he points out that my insurance has expired!! I told him that I have the new one at home and can call my boyfriend to bring it to me, police officer said no, that's alright as long as the same policy # is on it... well I still had my boyfriend (Guicho) bring me the insurance. ..( I also called Belinda, thought she might still be in the Mesquite area)...Belinda came and officer asked if she was with me, I said yes.. I called her because she works for an insurance she was checking out the Jeep and the damage and what not.... then Guicho shows up, officer asked if he was with me, I said yes... officer commented, "You have people, don't you?"...We both laughed, and I got my NEW insurance card and showed him the policy #....
So I turn around and go back home, and notice that my muffler is sounding rough.. I call my supervisor and left her a message about me not coming in to work, informed of what has happened and that I will be contacting car rental places to locate a vehicle for the time being.
I contacted the dealership to schedule a time for their wrecker to come and pick up my Jeep. Then I called the guys insurance, luckily he had already called them ahead of time and explained what happened, so I just had to call them to get a confirmation # to get a rental on his insurance..booyahh .. get confirmation # and got a rental from Enterprise.
Long story short.. I had that rental for about 3 weeks!!
total cost of my Jeep repairs over $3600 !!!

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