Sunday, February 15, 2009

Momma's Passing ...

This week has been very hard for us all.

Sunday, Feb. 8th at 3:40pm, momma went home to be with her parents and brothers. My Tia Julia had brought us tamales (the lady of the place gave them to her free of charge), rice and beans. Momma had her family by her side, including friends from the family.

Monday, Tuesday, went by in a blurr for me...

Wednesday was Momma's Rosary at Gonzalez Funeral home. We had friends and family from Ft. Worth come. Momma wanted a closed casket, so us three girls were there (Tia Julia too) before the viewing started at 4pm with the casket open. She (momma) looked so peaceful ... Daniela and I noticed a difference in her appearance, it didn't look like momma. The next day, Daniela sent me a text saying, that momma looked different to her because she didn't look sad. We had made a CD with songs that were requested by her online friends and it was playing while the viewing was going on. I even had my co-workers show up, all had contributed a monetary donation to help with momma's expenses...My Supervisor and Manager have been very gratious and understanding through this all. They have been very supportive and would always tell me to just take my time, take off of work as needed. Some stayed for the full rosary service and my Manager even attended the church service on Saturday afternoon. I just love this group...

Thursday and Friday I was in a daze .. (I was off of work all week)

Saturday, Feb. 14, 2009, was momma's church mass services.
We were about to leave, when I see a black car parking in front of my house.. surprise!!! was Moni (Lola) with Juanita, Moni had mentioned earlier that she wasn't sure if she and Tim could make the trip from down South...both came to drop off the food for after the services...(reception was at my house afterwards)
I arrived with Sabrina, Nathalie, Mario and Mauricio...there was still a wedding going on inside the church, so we had to wait til it was over. The church always looks amazing, Cathedral Shine of La Virgen de Guadalupe...When my cousin, Gene, arrived in the back of the church I saw him walking towards me (in front of church)...he tells me he has something for me to see.. so we walk back there and to my surprise, Chris and Rebecca made it in from Kansas!! Chris had said earlier that he would not be able to make the trip...I started crying, I know that momma wanted him there (he was to be a pall bearer). The services were great, we were able to get the Mariachis after all and they sounded awesome.. Momma always loved her Mariachis, Maria (cousin) got up to sing Hail Mary.. OMG, she was just awesome!! I know that she made momma proud, momma always loved the way Maria sings, she has a strong voice, just like her mom Ramona. Gene gave the eulogy, and all three of us just couldn't stop crying.. He did a great job on it, and momma picked him for a reason.. My cousin Juanita helped us with all the arrangements in regards to the church and the services.. she did an awesome job.. this wouldn't have come together as momma wanted without her tremendous help. After the services, everyone gathered at my place for food and support. I just about had half of my street full of cars...everyone was sharing stories and jokes, eating and drinking...Veronica showed up with her baby and sister -in- law...Amanda Rios showed up (Gene's oldest)...It was nice to see everyone upbeat and laughing.. just like momma had always told us..she didn't want anyone crying for her passing, she wanted everyone enjoying and celebrating.

After everyone left, me and my family, Daniela and hers, and Belinda and hers, all headed to Oklahoma, Choctaw Casino, along with momma's ashes..We rented 2 rooms and they were right next to one another!! The kids stayed in the rooms while the adults headed to the Casino up the road. We had planned this for about a week, since we know that momma enjoyed going to the casinos..even with just $10, she would still want to go. I came back with $400!!
We came back home on Sunday, we all had breakfast at IHOP and then we all went shopping at the Allen Outlet Mall.. them $400 came in handy!!

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