Sunday, January 25, 2009

1st week of hospitalization

This was the first full week my momma has been in the hospital.

I took off work on Tuesday and Wednesday (she was admitted on Monday).

I 've been on the same routine all week, take kids to school in morning, head to work, call Daniela to get an update, after work go straight to hospital and stay til about 10pm or so. Guicho would call me after he would get home from work and ask if I wanted the kids up there (nathalie/mario), so that he can take them up there to be with me and momma. Then he would take them back home if they left before I did. Every night I'd walk in my mom's room to check on her and to talk with her. When leaving every night, I'd go check on my mom and ask her the same questions, " momma can you hear me?", she would nod her head yes. I 'd tell her to squeeze my hand and she would. I'd ask her if she was in pain, she'd say no. I'd ask if she was cold, she'd say no. I'd ask if she was tired, she'd say no. I'd tell her when I was leaving, but would be back the next day after work and to get some rest.

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