Monday, August 3, 2009


Yeaaaaa!!! Seminar is over and that only means one thing.. It's already AUGUST!!!!

This year was awesome at Seminar!! We usually only have 2 performances during the program, and this year we had 6 performances!!

We had Jasmine Murray from American Idol (top 13) whose sisters are MK Consultants and they have an agreement that which ever one receives their pink cadillac first will receive Jasmine Murray as their new team member!!

We also had Joshua Allen from 2008 So You Think You Can Dance Winner!!!
His performance was great....we showed how he started with MK and the Friends of Tyme from when he was 9 years old up til 2007, when he auditioned for SYTYCD...and ended up being the winner of that competition!!

We also had Cassie LeBeau (i think that's how it's spelt), anyways, she was another American Idol top 13 a few years back...she is very nice and awesome!!

The performances were out of this world and the 3 VP's did their little skit dancing to Beyonce's Single Ladies!! It was hilarious and of course I have it on my phone recorded...too too funny!!

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