Monday, August 10, 2009


Okay, my first weekend at home and it was my turn to host the family dinner.. Decided on moving it from my house to the lake... IT WAS SO MUCH FUN !!

I had Mauricio take the hardtop off his truck to load up my gas grill, chairs, umbrella, cooler...and also I loaded my SUV up with another cooler, the sodas/water bottles and the floats...

I of course got sunburned again.. but it don't hurt.. I just hate it when I start to peel.. ugh!!

Next month is Daniela's turn and she said that she'll take it to Galveston.. hahahaha Her hubby said that SHE (DANIELA) will pay for the gas and the hotel and the food .... hahahaha DOES SHE KNOW THAT? hahahahahaha

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