Friday, August 28, 2009

Pacesetter ... Nathalie ... NMHS

Well today is the first game of NMHS and Nathalie's first football performance.

She has a friend that asked if I would like to take turns carpooling with her mother, they live in Tradewind Apts, I said sure. The way it'll work is we take turns one week each of taking the girls to school in the morning and whoever has the week off will pick up the girls after the game for that week. So this week it is the other mother's turn and my turn to pick up after the game tonight.

Well this morning, I was in my room getting dressed when Nathalie yells that she is about to leave, I said 'okay have fun, I'll see you tonight'... I'm about to leave and as I walked into the kitchen I see Nathalie's Pacesetter outfit hanging on the pantry door!!! I go into the garage to open it and call Nathalie's friend Kiya, I ask for Nathalie and when she gets on the phone I ask her, 'how you planning on performing without your suit?' Nathalie freaked out, so I told her that I would take it up to her at school, to wait for me. I was at the light and Nathalie calls me to find out where I was, because she was in practice, I tell her I was at the light about to turn into the school parking lot...I pull into the parking lot and here comes Nathalie laughing and smiling (as always)... first thing she says, 'don't worry I'm not in trouble, I got permission to come out here.' So I told her to hurry back into the gym to her practice.. SHE WENT RUNNING !! (she never wants to run)...I follow her to the gym entrance and yell out the window.. 'OMG, UR RUNNING...OMG!'
of course Nathalie is just smiling...So I told her that I would see her tonight and to have fun....she will be staying at the school all day until after the game...


NMHS : 28


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