Monday, June 15, 2009


Well, on Friday Mario called me at work wanting to know if he could stay the night with Johnathon (his friend), home by 10am saturday morning....Then Friday night Beli calls wanting to know if we want to go play some Laser Tag... sureee why not.. so Mauricio, Nathalie and myself all go and play 3 rounds of laser about sweating!! We finished around was fun! Mauricio is a cheater, he's not suppose to touch the opponents and he kept pushing me and he even turned and hit his head on the wall.. (eso le pasa por payaso)... he was having a blast...Beli asked if we were going to the river on Saturday.. I said, didn't know cuz Guicho would be working....

Saturday Morning, I called Belinda and asked if they were still planning on going to the river? She said yes.. So Nathalie, Mario and myself (guicho working) all went to tubbing on the Brazos River...3 mile long...from 1:50pm til about 5pm...Sun got to me... that night I kept freezing.. I had sweats and a blanket on, Guicho wasn't home, he was at his cousin's..I went to sleep after talking to him...then I call him to ask him to get me some rice from Taco Cabana.. he brought rice, refried beans, and chicken flautas...and brought me a plate in bed...gave me my meds and my water bottle...I was still freezing and Guicho didn't want to get out of bed to get my socks from the closet so he put his socks on my feet...went back to sleep...the next morning I felt a little bit better.. Beli called to check on me...Mauricio was sleeping and after watching some TV, he woke up and asked if I had already eaten..YES, Mario heated up some more of the chicken flautas w/rice and beans...then Mauricio asked if we were going swimming after going to Daniela's for Family dinner.. So i called Daniela and asked her.. she said we could.... Mauricio stayed in bed all morning til about 12:30pm then says he isn't waiting for eating at Daniela's, and asked if we wanted anything from JIB...I only got 2 tacos..Mario and Mauricio both pigged out...then we go to Daniela's and she's busy packing the food and stuff to head to Joe Pool Lake...

IT WAS FUN!! I loved the waves from the boats and jet skis... on the float... I know the kids had fun..especially Julissa.. and Mauricio had fun too... Can't wait til we go again!! work I weighed myself (as usual)I am down another 2lbs from Thursday of last week!!!

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