Thursday, June 11, 2009

Dr. Appt...

Well, today I had my monthly Dr. Appt...Dr.said that everything looked good...she asked if I still had enough meds...yes, I still have the sample packages that she provided last month, plus my prescription w/refills I have plenty!!

From exactly one month ago.. I have lost 10-11 lbs. I left the Dr and got all wet from the storms...with the wind blowing so hard, it looked like the rain was coming down sideways!! The wind was blowing against my car, so the door was hard to open with the wind blowing against it, I GOT SOAKED!

I made it to work, and I haven't eaten anything yet...since I needed to be empty of any sugars for my blood work...I have to go back in another month...and of course, Mauricio, Nathalie, and Mario are all at home sleeping late...Mario didn't go to his camp today because of the rain.. all the streets in Mesquite were flooded and they were expecting more rain to fall by this afternoon... I don't mind the rain ... I just don't want to be in it.. I wish I could have stayed at home sleeping... ugh!!

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