Monday, October 26, 2009

MK Softball...

Well on Saturday, October 26th, Mario and I played in the Mary Kay Softball Tournament in Irving. We didn't make the championships, but we had a blast!

The guys on our team were great and fun.. of course they all knew one another from Manufacturing and then we had Manny and myself from Corporate...Mario played great...he was placed in Left field with Julio since they were faster in running and Ashley and myself were placed over by Right field...and Karen as catcher..we only had 3 girls on the team and 10 guys.. our first game we won and we also had 3 players get injured (pulled hamstrings)...but we still won!!

We had a drawing for prizes and Mario won a digital camera (which I told him to take care of it) and I won GUCCI sunglasses. I have to get Mario a memory card for his camera, he loves it.. and it's green!!

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