Thursday, October 8, 2009


Well it's been almost a year since Mario broke his femur. He's been doing very well, obeying the Dr's orders and when he had physical therapy, he would work his leg out as instructed when at home. He's come a long way since the injury.

Today was his Dr. appt and the Dr. asked him how his leg has been, if it's been bothering him or not, then he asked Mario if he wanted to remove the rod or keep it in? Mario said that he wanted to keep it in, since it wasn't bothering him. The Dr. said that was fine, if he(Mario) ever decides that it is bothering him or he wants to have it removed to just give him (dr.) a call.

When we were leaving, Mario said that he wasn't sure if he wanted to play in next week's game, because it would have been exactly ONE YEAR from his injury. I told him to don't look at it that way... I told him, he needs to play in the game and look at it as a celebration that he is able to play again and walk again...that the injury didn't hold him back or hold him down.. he has overcomed that injury and needs to look what lies ahead.

I hope that he will understand by game day next week and take my words to heart.

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