Tuesday, April 20, 2010

NMHS Pacesetter

Well the year is coming to a close for Nathalie...She had sooo much involvement this year: JROTC, Student Council, Pacestters, ....and with each group, lots of different activities: DASH, organizing walks, dances, conventions, games, practices... It's all ending....This week on Friday and Saturday, she will have her final show for us parents at the Pacesetter Stage Show. Saturday is when the Seniors will hang up their hats and move on...and since the drill team coach is leaving ..she has requested that the Pacesetters get to wear their outfits one last time for the student/faculty basketball game next week. So during half-time, the Pacesetters will be performing their kick routines...and that will be the last show, the last time to dance...I know that Nathalie will be crying come Saturday, when she has to hang up her hat...and I too will be sad to see her do that.. she was all into being a Pacesetter, she loved every minute of it.

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