Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Mario's 1st Baskball game...

Well yesterday was Mario's big night... his 1st BB game... he said that he was nervous.. in the 1st half, when he played, the coaches were just yelling at him, "what are you doing".. Mario couldn't figure out what was going on...so the coach took him out and had a talk with him, showing him what to do with the clipboard and outlying the play... so in the 2nd half, Mario went in to play again, he scored 12 points out of the 56 they ended up with.

Of course his school won, 56 to 11....after the game, he was just bragging to everyone .. not bad for a first timer huh... he was soo excited and definatly had his adrenalyn going strong...I gave him my ticket and he wrote the school they played against and the score, he said that he is going to keep the tickets in his binder...he said that he likes his coach, it's a new coach this year, Mario said that he is very strict but he's the best coach MISD has right now in their Middle schools...Mario said that he's a good coach, he listens when one talks to him, and he talks to one with no distruptions, he is straight forward with everyone.

Mario really likes him.

Can't wait til the next game!!!

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