Sunday, May 31, 2009

DANIELA's party!!!

Well, we had a Surprise Party for Daniela (oldest sister) ... she thought we were taking her out to eat steak ... Belinda had already sent the invites to everyone and we had a great turn-out...She had her friends and family there to help celebrate her 40th !!

Belinda, Sabrina, Julissa, and myself all went decoration shopping on Saturday... we got all 40th b-day decos for Daniela to decorate the inside of my house and for the outside, it was all for Julissa's Luau party...I had a pool for Julissa and tiki torches (not lit) and leis... it was hot, but fun!!

Sabrina, Nathalie, and Mario helped with the decorations and Belinda and I worked with the food prep...I had the beans cooking in the crock pot since morning, to make sure they'd be done on time... then we chopped the onion, cilantro for the tray to put with the food, and then Beli tried to do the rice, which she used the whole 2lb bag for a wok-like pan...(bad move)... 1/2 the rice was cooked, the other 1/2 was not...then it started getting mushy... so after Mauricio and Alonso finished with the yard work, they were riding bikes and we sent them to the store to get some more rice (I had some, but wasn't sure it would be enough)... SOOO I started cooking the rice (new batch).... and then Beli started cutting the fajitas....

People (daniela's in-laws) showed up right at 4pm on the dot!!! I was getting the grill ready to put the meat...(so I was the cook of the day)..

Everything came out great! The people started to arrive and then...Belinda was looking out for Daniela... when she showed up, we opened the double doors and everyone yelled, surprise!! Daniela was holding back tears...( i could tell)...

(they must have, because this is the first party that there was no food left over!!)

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