Thursday, April 30, 2009

Month of APRIL

Month of APRIL...

Well another month has come and gone....Nathalie made Pacesetter for next year at North Mesquite High...we had her fitting this month and I paid for all her outfits ($400)...she has a Pacesetter stage show on the 24th...(I recorded and it was great)...she did an awesome job!!

This month I'm just working to get things ready for Mary Kay's annual seminar in July at the Dallas Convention Center...busy busy busy...Daniela had a party for Gabino and Joanna...and she also closed / purchased a house in Grand Prairie!!!

We went to Bridgeport this year for Easter (as usual)...we cleaned out the gravesites and had our picture taken as usual with only one person missing in appearance but with us in heart... We had our cook-out at the regular big pavillion...played some volley and the guys acting like guys (changos)...Julissa playing and running around, she loved the playground and the slide... I miss momma so much...ugh!!!

It's momma's birthday and I miss her so much. I smell her around and know that she's watching over us. Sabrina took a picture of a shadow image in her apartment, and it resembles momma so much..I know that she was watching over Julissa and Sabrina...taking care of them.

We are planning a trip to Cross Ministries (a place where momma had always wanted to go as a one day road trip) we are planning on camping out (if it rains too much, then we get hotel rooms)...We all decided to take this road trip on the weekend following her birthday (4/29/09).. I will have to post pictures later...

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